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    Patrick Strubbe in the Press
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    Patrick Strubbe in the Press

    Investor's Business DailyOn March 23, 2015, Pat was featured in the following Investor’s Business Daily article: “How to Handle a Sudden Cash Windfall or Inheritance.” To read this article, please click below:
    How To Handle A Sudden Cash Windfall Or Inheritance

    Investor's Business DailyOn Nov. 28, 2014, Pat was featured in the following Investor’s Business Daily article: “Financial Goals Can Be Met in Mediocre 401(k) Plans.” To read this article, please click below:
    Financial Goals Can Be Met In Mediocre 401(k) plans
    USA Today


    In December 2013, Pat was featured in a USA Today article! The article, by retirement writer Rodney Brooks, focuses on retirement solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs. To read this article, please click below:

    Self-Employed Face a Retirement Crisis

    For almost four years, Pat was honored to be a monthly financial columnist by the Lexington County Chronicle! Each month, Pat shared financial advice and money saving ideas to the thousands of Chronicle subscribers. Download the articles by clicking the link below.
    July 2013 It’s been an honor and a pleasure.
    June 2013 Who else wants to earn interest on their savings?
    May 2013 Tick, Tick…Boom!
    April 2013 Is there a smarter way to invest?
    March 2013 In The Dow Jones We Trust
    February 2013 How To Make Sure Your Retirement Income Doesn’t Run Out
    January 2013 How To Go Broke In Retirement
    December 2012 Wall Street Greed
    November 2012  Can This Election Affect Your Retirement?
    October 2012 Health Care Payments Options
    September 2012 The skyrocketing cost of health care
    August 2012 Evil Uncle Sam
    July 2012 The Invisible Enemy
    June 2012 Bond Buyers Beware
    May 2012 What if I live
    April 2012 Beware of Retirement Villains
    March 2012 Obama’s proposed 2012 budget
    January 2012 Financial New Years resolutions
    December 2011 Your annual financial to do list
    November 2011 Can the last quarter of 2011 live up to historical averages?
    October 2011 US Family Budget
    September 2011 Debt deals, downgrades, and Dow drops – oh my!
    August 2011 Budget cuts and the debt ceiling
    July 2011 The current CD quandary
    June 2011 So, now what?
    May 2011 Who else wants their nest egg to earn income?
    April 2011 Got income?
    March 2011 Are bonds the next bubble?
    February 2011 Lowering your taxes ASAP
    January 2011 More income and less taxes
    December 2010 Income for the rest of your life
    November 2010 What’s more scary than running out of money?
    October 2010 Have you paid more for a car than a house?
    September 2010 The silent retirement killer
    August 2010 Shopping for a retirement plan
    July 2010 Finding a successful retirement plan
    June 2010 The biggest retirement mistake
    May 2010 Predictions for 2010 and beyond
    April 2010 Three last minute tax tips
    March 2010 How to protect your money from scams
    February 2010 What does Valentine’s Day have to do with finances?
    January 2010 The opprotunity of a lifetime?
    December 2009 Two valuable lessons to learn from 2009
    November 2009 Can you enjoy a worry-free retirement?

    Greater Columbia Business Monthly

    In 2005, Pat was featured in the magazine. To see the article, click here.

    Strategies for Financial Independence

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