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    HELPING YOU LIVE YOUR RETIREMENT WITH CONFIDENCE At Preservation Specialists, LLC, our goal is to help you live your retirement with confidence! We believe if your retirement is free from worry, you can focus on the important things in life. Regardless of your age, retirement should be about discovering your purpose, living with passion, self-reliance, transformation and creative self-expression. Retirement is about being able to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, at the time you want, on your terms.

    Who We Are

    Preservation Specialists, LLC is a financial advisory firm in Columbia, South Carolina, that specializes in working with retirees and people planning for their retirement. We provide advice, consulting and strategies for money management services to individuals and couples. Its founder, Patrick A. Strubbe, ChFC, CLU, RFC, has provided straightforward answers and sound advice for over 15 years. CLICK HERE to read Pat’s bio.

    Who We Serve

    We cater to discerning individuals and couples in the Columbia area who crave a higher degree of personalized service, straightforward answers to their financial questions and solutions that resonate with them both logically and emotionally. We are fortunate to work with a small, successful, select group of clients who include business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, widows, divorcees, pre-retirees and retirees from diverse fields such as advertising, banking, coaching, education, engineering, government, law, manufacturing, marketing, medicine, military, music, nursing, real estate, retail management, teaching and technology.


    Unlike many financial services firms and brokers who continue to focus solely on your money, Preservation Specialists, LLC understands the real questions have more to do with how you want to live your life and how your money should support your ambitions. For that reason, we offer a process that integrates your financial resources with your vision of personal fulfillment and security. The result is not so much a single, rigid, financial solution, but a vital and dynamic process in which your money is always at your service. Additionally, through phone conversations, personal consultations, email communications, our monthly newsletter The Preservation Pages, money management services and live events, Preservation Specialists, LLC offers thoughtful and objective guidance to help you make smart financial decisions.


    First, we’re approachable. Many investment advisory and financial planning firms and brokers are stuffy and indicate you must have $1 million or more in investable assets to even consider talking with them. While many of our clients are millionaires, many of our clients are not. Preservation Specialists, LLC account minimums will vary based on our capacity at any given time, but our minimum will never be $1 million. This is because we believe that so many more people can benefit from having professional guidance before and throughout retirement. You can always call or email us to find out what our current minimum requirement is. We respect your privacy and will always keep the personal and financial information you share with us confidential.

    Second, Preservation Specialists, LLC has no allegiance to any one company, product or service—beyond our belief in its ability to help you reach your goals. Unlike other firms and brokers (which have proprietary products and incentives to recommend high cost insurance and investment products such as whole life insurance, variable annuities, and A, B and C shares of mutual funds), Preservation Specialists, LLC can literally pick and choose high-quality, cost-efficient solutions with virtually no restrictions, so we can do what’s best for you.

    Third, we’ll give you options for today and tomorrow’s life events. We routinely play out future scenarios and provide some “what-ifs”. We understand you’re looking for seamless, end-to-end solutions—true planning integration—not just quick answers.

    Fourth, we represent you. We are your financial advocate. We will think about your life first and help you navigate and organize the multiple issues and uncertainties that you and your family face. We’ll give you the tools and solid foundation you need to make excellent decisions.

    Finally, we accomplish all this with a sense of humor. Pat’s creativity and quick wit can make the sometimes complicated and often mundane topics of investing, taxes and retirement fun.Pat will always try to leave you smiling—and that’s no joke!


    We believe that your portfolio should be more than the hot stocks, bonds and mutual funds. We work to ensure your income in the future. In addition, we attempt to increase the opportunity for future gains through greater diversification. Despite the amount of work this requires, we believe that the investment discipline that we provide is not rocket science. In fact, many of our clients have the intellectual ability to practice it without us. Yet, our money management services and investment advice are valuable to them because we take the emotions out of their decisions, we assist in such areas as tax reduction, estate planning and asset protection, and we also handle the messy paperwork associated with maintaining and monitoring an investment portfolio.


    At Preservation Specialists, LLC, we don’t believe that life is too short, but instead life is too long not to be doing the things that are fun and rewarding! The majority of people today don’t spend enough time examining these issues. We work to help you clarify, simplify and gain control of the big picture of your life. We expect to understand your hopes and fears, and we lead you to make the changes necessary to make your dreams a reality.


    There are certain activities, undertaken by financial professionals and financial consumers that are usually harmful to your personal wealth. Financial publications, chat rooms and many television programs promote investment habits that we believe are at best unproductive and at worst destructive. Preservation Specialists, LLC knows that much of the “financial advice” people receive comes in the form of advertisements—suggesting suggest that your happiness can be achieved by the purchase of this or that advertised item. Our goal is to help you recognize your individual view of happiness and fulfillment so that you can determine which personal expenditures further your progress toward your goals.



    Preservation Specialists, LLC believes that success is when your money is aligned with your life, you are reaching your goals, you have peace of mind, you know that someone is looking out for your financial interests, and you have a relationship built on trust, integrity and mutual respect.


    When your life savings are at stake, you want advice you can trust and someone you can count onYou need a trusted financial advisor that is objective. You need a relationship with a firm that promises to always put your interest first, a firm with proven experience and the right professional credentials.

    To determine if and how I can help you, call 1-803-798-1988 today to schedule an exploratory meeting (via phone or in-person). There is no charge or obligation.

    I’m Pat Strubbe and I want to be your trusted advisor.

    Warm regards,

    Patrick A. Strubbe, ChFC, CLU, RFC
    Founder and Owner
    Preservation Specialists, LLC

    P.S. I work with individuals and couples and have a limited number of new client openings. If interested, please call me at (803) 798-1988 today!

    P.P.S. Why are you still reading? You should be calling me now!

    P.P.P.S. I mean it! Stop reading and call me at (803) 798-1988. I look forward to knowing you and helping you

    Member FINRA, SIPC, MSRB.
    For more information on FINRA, please visit www.Finra.org
    For more information on MSRB, please visit www.msrb.org
    For more information on SIPC, please visit www.sipc.org

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