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Retirement & Healthcare: The Fight Is Yours To Win

When you think of retirement, you probably think of a relaxing lifestyle free from the stresses of a 40-hour workweek. Life could instead get more stressful due to rising health care costs, which is one of the most expensive post-retirement costs seniors must endure. The current generation likely doesn’t have access to a union or…

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Financial Scams: How to avoid them in Retirement

Sadly, unscrupulous people often prey on the most vulnerable among us, and too often that means our senior citizens are targeted. Even worse, in some instances these abuses can go unreported. Perhaps because of embarrassment or fear others will think it a sign of mental incompetence, the scammers go unpunished and can be free to…

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When Do You Say “Uncle”?

Recent market volatility has some investors thinking about their “uncle point”.  Yes, your uncle point, that moment when the market drops and you emotionally cannot stomach the loss.  Managing risk in retirement is important for many approaching or still navigating a successful retirement.  This level can vary wildly from one person to another. It is…

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