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Save Your Retirement


The Retirement Secret

Best Selling Author - Pat Strubbe

For over 25 years, Pat has taught retirees and pre-retirees how to preserve their assets and increase their income. His own family’s struggles influenced him to enter financial services, and he uses that experience as he shows others how to be proactive with their money.

Pat has been featured on various national print and radio outlets, including USA Today, Columbia Business Monthly, Investor’s Business Daily and more.

If you’re like most people, you’re facing the looming specter of retirement on your own, in what Pat calls the do-it-yourself retirement system. Grab your FREE copies of Patrick Strubbe’s books, “The Retirement Secret” and “Save Your Retirement,” to answer your questions in fun, easy-to-read stories that you won’t want to put down.

The Retirement Secret


In The Retirement Secret, Pat introduces the three retirement mentors, teaching you how to understand your finances and plan your retirement before you get there. If you’re not sure you’ll ever have enough money to retire, and you’re concerned that you won’t know how to make that money last as long as it needs to. The Retirement Secret will set your mind at ease, answering your questions in a fun, easy-to-read story that you won’t want to put down.

Save Your Retirement 

Retirement isn't as simple as collecting pension and Social Security checks anymore. WARNING! Important Legal Disclaimer: Pat Strubbe is NOT a real superhero. He cannot leap tall buildings with a single bound. He cannot soar in the air like a bird or a plane. He cannot climb walls and has no "spider-sense." Pat Strubbe IS a retirement planner in Columbia, South Carolina. His passion with his clients is helping them enjoy their retirement with confidence by protecting them from the 7 Retirement Villains: Lady Longevity, The Invisible Enemy, Evil Uncle Sam, Sarah Self-Pay, Iceberg Ivan, Systematic Sammy, and Antiquated Andy.

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