The Preservation Specialists Culture

The Preservation Specialists Culture

A wise man once said that in order to have a positive action, one must have a positive vision. These are words we take seriously here at Preservation Specialists. We use empathy, cheer and passion as the pillars of our company culture to impact everything from the way we treat our clients to the way we treat each other.

As a business owner, Pat Strubbe has consciously considered what the role and responsibility of a “for-profit” company should be. He’s always believed that Preservation Specialists can — and should — have as big a positive social impact as possible on our community. His vision is that we inspire each other, our clients and neighbors to create positive change, but we cannot do that if we don’t get involved. So, with that in mind, he and his wife, Janelle, established the Preservation Specialists Charitable Fund, designed to support local non-profits from the abundance of the PS company.

To date, the Preservation Specialists Charitable Fund has donated $85,225 and more than 40 volunteer hours to local non-profit organizations. We hope that working with us gives you confidence in your retirement plan AND joy in knowing that worthy charities are also being supported.

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