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Managing Your Finances as a Member of the “Sandwich Generation”

September 5, 2023

Members of the “sandwich generation” are simultaneously providing support for both a parent and a child. This group has unique financial needs to consider, especially when planning for retirement. If you’re finding yourself toggling between caring for the needs of an aging parent and a child, you’re not alone. The Pew Research Center recently reported…

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From the Founder – Interest Rates & the Stock Market

August 3, 2023

As you might imagine, there is a lot to keep up with when trying to follow the world of finance and the markets. Our team uses a number of different methods to stay informed, and recently, two of my preferred methods meshed together beautifully. While reviewing a recent article, I came across the chart below:…

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Finding Your Balance

July 21, 2023

When you first set up an investment, you (and your financial advisor) carefully created allocation ratios to fit your needs and chose an asset mix to match. Over time, however, those allocations may have strayed from their original benchmarks, leaving the portfolio too heavy in one asset class and underweight in others. This imbalance can…

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Generational Wealth – Your Choices Could Impact Your Family For Generations

July 14, 2023

What does it mean to pass down wealth? If you have invested in stocks, bonds or other assets, or are building equity in real estate or a business you own, then generational wealth can look like many different things. One Federal Reserve estimate suggests that over 2 million households receive some inheritance. When planning for…

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Credit Reporting Change May Take the Sting Out of Some Medical Debt

July 11, 2023

When you’re sick, you visit the doctor, but what happens when the bills roll in and it’s more than you can afford? Medical debt can affect anyone, even if you have great medical insurance. Many people find themselves struggling to pay their medical debt, which ultimately can impact their credit score. The Consumer Financial Protection…

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The Debt Ceiling’s Impact on Your Investments

June 2, 2023

Should the U.S. raise the debt ceiling? That’s the debate currently raging in Congress. So far, both parties have remained firmly entrenched in their positions (Republicans — yes, but with provisions for spending cuts; Democrats — yes, with no provisions). Meanwhile, news outlets are reporting officials must act soon — or dire consequences will result.…

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Market Funk

May 25, 2023

Equity markets have seemed nervous up until the past few trading days. But as the possibility of a debt deal appeared, markets began to push back to highs we saw in March. Now that the Federal Reserve appears to be finished raising interest rates, that source of worry seems to have subsided. And believe it or not,…

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From the Founder – What’s Next for Interest Rates?

May 25, 2023

Do you follow the financial news much? If you’ve read my articles for very long, you likely remember how I feel about the media. It is sadly no longer about providing us with the actual news. It is purely about eyeballs. How can they get as many clicks as possible?  If you did nothing more each…

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Dancing on the Debt Ceiling

May 23, 2023

As talks come down to the wire (again), the debt ceiling limit debate continues to loom over the markets and economy. You could barely turn around last week without hearing all the dire predictions of what could happen if we don’t raise the debt ceiling and the catastrophic results of a potential default. But both parties signed…

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