From the Founder – 20 Years!

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Happy New Year! January symbolizes a fresh start every year, but this year is just a
little more special for us here at Preservation Specialists. You see, it was back in 2004
when our company was initially founded. It is absolutely mind-boggling to me that it
has been that long!

As I think back over those twenty years, the first thing that immediately jumps into my
mind is this: I never actually wanted to start or run a company! Let me explain.

By 2004, I had been in the financial advisory world for seven years. I had seen the
good, the bad, and the ugly. I felt that many of the bigger companies in our industry
were only out to make a buck, and I quickly learned that they put significant limits on
what you were allowed to do for your clients.

After years of research, I decided that if I wanted to do what I believed was truly best
for my clients, I would need to go out on my own. I am filled with gratitude for the first
people who took the leap of faith to work with me. Imagine walking into a tiny office
and being quickly greeted by the financial advisor who walks you right past the empty
receptionist’s chair to his only conference room. It had to look like a very quiet and
lonely place!

Pat Strubbe

Founder & Managing Partner

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