October is National Financial Planning Month

You have worked hard for your money, because you have a bigger goal than just paying the monthly expenses. You have a long term goal that is important to you. For some, that goal is to be able to retire comfortably, while others have other dreams that they are putting away money to be able to achieve. Whatever your goal, your savings are being set aside for a reason.

Savings Are Not Enough

However, if you are just putting your money into savings, you are really not getting the biggest bang for your buck, so to speak. Although rising, interest rates are at very low rates; therefore, having your money in a savings account is really not going to accomplish anything other than having a place to hold your money. Wouldn’t you rather that money WORK for you to reach your goals faster or reach higher goals?

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

The market can be a highly effective place for income growth, but it can also be a very scary place for your money. While we all like a good scare in October, your money should not be where you get scared. Unfortunately, that is often the reality.

If you just throw your money into investments without a strategy for that money, it could be hit and miss and full of risk. At the vest best, you could simply be missing the best opportunities out there for you.

As of a Gallup goal in 2015, the reality that they discovered was that a mere 38% of investors like you had a financial plan, while only 18% said they didn’t find financial plans useful. The rest wanted to but didn’t create one. Of those that created a plan, 74% said they created the plan with the help of an experienced investment professional.

Getting Qualified Help

This is where it is important to take time to create an investment plan that will guide your investment growth to reach your goals, but how do you know where those best opportunities lie for you. You spent a lot of time learning your craft and becoming experienced at what you do, and others trust you to do your job. The same peace of trusting a qualified individual can be found in an experienced Financial Advisor that knows the best investments and the risks that can hinder your growth.

National Financial Planning Month

This month is National Financial Planning Month, and it is a good time to meet with a skilled Advisor to communicate your short term and long term goals that you desire to reach. After hearing your dreams and your timeline, they will be able to translate those into options for you to consider.

So, this month is a great time to face the scary market by creating an investment plan with an investor’s steady hand and vision to be able to reach the dreams that have inspired your work for so long. Then, you can rest in knowing you have given your dream the best potential to be what you will need when needed.   We are here to start that conversation with you or take a second look at your current plan.

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