Spring Forward or Fall Back: Debating Daylight Saving

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Are you tired of adjusting your clocks twice a year? Daylight saving time has been a subject of debate for decades, and while nothing has been decided yet, several recent state and federal laws have set their sights on the time-changing tradition.1

One argument against daylight saving time is that it disrupts our sleep patterns. The time change can lead to sleep deprivation and grogginess as our bodies adjust to the new schedule. By eliminating daylight saving time, we can maintain a consistent sleep routine throughout the year, promoting better overall health and well-being.

However, proponents of daylight saving time argue that it provides many benefits, particularly when it comes to the economy.

Longer evenings mean more opportunities for businesses in industries such as retail, hospitality and tourism. Additionally, studies have shown that daylight saving time can lead to a decrease in energy consumption, as less artificial lighting is needed during the extended daylight hours.

The debate over daylight saving time continues, with valid arguments on both sides of the issue. When considering the pros and cons, it is essential to weigh the impact on our daily lives, health and overall well-being.

1 Emily Olson. NPR. Nov. 2, 2023. “Six things to know about the political debate around daylight saving time.” https://www.npr.org/2023/11/02/1210212060/daylight- saving-time-states-2023. Accessed Nov. 28, 2023.

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