RMD Considerations

Financial Planning | With people living longer and benefiting from the long-running bull market, there are more factors to consider in taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from retirement accounts. The…

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Assessing the Role of Government

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Financial Planners | Recently, President Trump bemoaned the inconveniences of low-flow toilets, showers, dishwashers and energy-efficient lightbulbs – all implemented in the wake of government regulation aimed toward conservation efforts.…

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Financial Tips For 2020

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Financial Planning | The U.S. has enjoyed 10 years of a booming stock market and a growing economy. It’s too early to tell how 2020 will look, but there are…

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Getting a Fix on Health Care

Retirement Planning |If you’ve been lucky enough to receive employer-subsidized health insurance throughout your career, retirement may be a bit of an eye-opener. Many retirees expect Medicare to cover all…

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The State of the Sharing Economy

Financial Planning | The financial hardships of the Great Recession forced many people to start thinking outside the box. The “sharing economy” gained popularity in the late 2000s because it…

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